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About us

DW-ShipConsult is Germany’s and Japan's leading company for noise and vibration (N&V) control on ships. Our N&V analysis and planning of mitigation measures aim for compliance with current regulations for commercial vessels (MSC.337(91)), class notations or special acoustic demands (e.g. for yachts or military vessels).
In every phase we focus on a most cost efficient and sustainable solution which meets the high quality expectations of our customers. With our special calculation tool DW-COMPASS, we are able to assess expected noise levels in the very early design stage. This way, the planning of countermeasures can be optimized.   Our second branch focuses on underwater acoustics, where we measure, analyze and calculate sound propagation in the oceans. With our expertise on underwater radiated noise (e.g. for research vessel design) we ensure that ICES 209 or similar requirements can be met.

Products and services

Noise / Vibration analysis:  
Analysis of ship design, prediction of noise / vibration levels in all relevant rooms, identification of dominant sources and transmission paths.  

- Applicable in early design stage
- Quick results  
- Cost efficient

Design improvements:  
Recommendation of suitable noise / vibration countermeasures or design changes.  

Aim: To comply with relevant legislations (e.g. MSC.337(91))

- Customized solution for each ship
- Acoustic limits are met
- Most economic solution (unnecessary countermeasures are discarded)

Trouble shooting: Solve any existing N&V problems on ships:  
- Noise / Vibration on the ship
- Emitted noise
- Underwater radiated noise

Underwater acoustic services:  
- Short- and long term measurement of sound in the oceans and in shallow waters
- Calculation and simulation of sound propagation in the sea
- Measurement of underwater radiated noise

Your Noise and Vibration Experts

Your Noise and Vibration Experts

Our company combines many years of shipacoustic experience with flexible and customer orientated service. Special ships or commercial ships: We will find the best solution for your noise or vibration challenge. Feel free to contact us at any time in English or Japanese language.

Measurement of airborne and structure borne noise

Measurement of airborne and structure borne noise

Our experts conduct measurements on the ship in order to evaluate the contribution from each noise source. The causes of a noise level exceedance are identified and adequate countermeasures can be defined.

Noise / Vibration analysis

Noise / Vibration analysis

Already in the very early design phase we evaluate the ship design from an acoustic perspective. The noise propagation is calculated from each source to all relevant rooms. On the basis of these predicted noise levels we give recommendations how the noise can be minimized in a most efficient way. This way our customers know which noise countermeasures are important and which can be discarded. From the beginning they know about the expected costs and effectivity of the countermeasures.


DW-ShipConsult GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Str. 9
24223 Schwentinental

Phone: +49 4307 2769304
Fax: +49 4307 2769303

Thomas Büchler
Commercial Director
Phone: +49 160 6351657

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