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About us

The development of new engine controllers is our daily business. In doing so, we support our clients with practical experience in all the phases of the project from the first design to production rollout. For more than 25 years we have partnered major OEMs of gas and DF engines for both R&D and commercial applications. Using our experience with over 8,500 customer-specific engine control systems we are confident we will also find the optimum solution for your project.

Due to our technology, marine gas engine operators can look forward to reliable, flexible, high efficiency engine power at minimized Total Cost of Ownership. Our hardware and software cover acquisition and processing of engine data into key control values, precise control of gas engine combustion, immediate detection of knocking and misfiring and fast controller response for safe running at high output and efficiency, advanced engine monitoring, control and diagnosis.

Products and services

openECS, our flexible Engine Control System for LNG & DF engines, is a unique system integration platform, open to all kinds of extensions. Functions, modules and subsystems form one unit with one powerful up-to-date graphical user interface.

Our visualizations E²PILOT and E²SERVICE let all users interact efficiently with the engine. Ergonomically structured displays, tooltips and integrated documentation facilitate precise, confident working with openECS. No matter whether you work on site, assist remotely via an internet connection or analyze recorded data in detail.

The customized LNG & DF Engine Control for marine applications: With E²CON-M you will quickly get the controller you need for marine gas or dual-fuel engines. A modular system of proven elements, E²CON-M is highly adaptable. In close collaboration, we can rapidly develop a customized control system for your marine medium-speed engine. The result: maximum performance, reliability and efficiency.



Measuring the pressure pattern in the cylinder is the method of choice for acquiring precise characteristic values for combustion. E²PRECON computes power, peak pressure, knocking intensity and the temporal combustion pattern for each cylinder and each individual combustion event.



System integration by AVAT means perfect, proven communication between all subsystems. All measured values, monitoring data, service information and parameter settings are accessible via one powerful PC service tool for diagnostic, tuning and optimization of the system, E²SERVICE.



The methodology for marine applications, where the openECS is separated into an engine safety module and an engine controls and alarms unit, is systematically implemented using the modular M1 system. This greatly facilitates spare parts handling. To simplify cabling, auxiliary inputs and outputs are connected separately in a remote I/O unit. Redundant Ethernet and CAN connections ensure high operational safety.


AVAT Automation GmbH
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72072 Tübingen

Phone: +49 7071 9735-0
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Thomas Hutter
Head of Sales
Phone: +49 7071 9735-300

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